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Posted by rws on March 19, 2008



I Think He Likes It

Note: Today, after running what seemed like approximately 10 gazillion errands, we came home and made strawberry banana smoothies. I hate banana, so I poured mine before we added the banana. Which meant I just had a yummy strawberry smoothie. Heaven after a hot afternoon of boring errands.
Note2: I believe he is laughing at Katie saying, in an oh so ladylike fashion, “There is SNOT in my smoothie!”
Note3: We really should make smoothies more often. They are so easy and also nutritious. Here’s our basic recipe:
in a blender combine– ice, vanilla yogurt, orange juice, strawberries, and bananas. Drink and be merry. The ice is sort of one of those things you can either add or not. We put it in because we want it REALLY COLD, but I’m sure you could leave it out and have a less, ummm, crunchy smoothie…which really does sound like an oxymoron. “Yes, waiter, I’d like the Crunchy Smoothie, please, along with a side of jumbo shrimp and boneless ribs. Thanks!”

One Response to “03.19.08”

  1. Michele said

    Yum! Your color is delicious on these! What are the settings, girlie? How ’bout some measurements? Yes, I’m anal and highly uncreative. I want to go make a strawberry smoothie. Love those glasses, too. How ’bout if I come live with you rather than move to Switzerland??? Puh-lease!

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