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Posted by rws on March 21, 2008


As if There Weren’t Already Enough Doras In Our World

Note: We played a bit of Dora’s Matching Game. Which is really kind of fun in a humorous way. I am REALLY BAD at this kind of game. So I’m pretty much on the same level with Elijah. He actually Usually BEATS the Crap outta me at these kind of games. Which he enjoys. I’m not the kind of mom that EVER “lets” them win. I’m like, “Earn it, Kid!” Of course, we also usually play games that rely heavily on change to even the playing field. The humorous part comes in that Katie loves to play this game but she spend the ENTIRE GAME flipping over the same three or four pieces. Of course, once those pieces get flipped over somewhere else, she knows EXACTLY where they are at. But you can’t play this game hinging all of your best on THREE pieces, people.
Note2: This is the WORLD’S HARDEST ROOM to get correct white balance in. There is just something about this room that makes the color all WHACK. It’s probably a combo of the green walls, the light reflecting off of the yellow brick wall outside, and the creamy/redish/brownish tiles on the floor.

85mm lens | 1/60 @ f/2.5 | ISO 500
pp: most of the time was spent getting the while balance correct. Then defog, crisp color boost, resize and sharpen for web

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