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Posted by rws on April 5, 2008

Silly Faces Image 4

Note: Okay. So what is the plan with these? I was talking with a student about this image a past student had sent me that made me laugh really hard. This image right here to be exact. I believe I asked her to print it really big (like 40×40 and hang it on the ceiling of her guest shower so that her guests would be all happy getting clean and then suddenly glance up and see her staring down at them with this super surprised face and possibly scream and fall over and then laugh and laugh and laugh because that’s just humorous. At least it’s funny to me. Then again, I have a whacked out sense of humor, so what do I know.

Anyway, from that sprang the idea of putting goofy pictures in the bathroom. And then my mom complained because I only have one wall in my house COVERED in pictures. The others are tastefully limited to 2 or 3 in a pleasing arrangement and apparently she wants my house to be wallpapered in photographic images or something.

And then I was working with a student on different ways to edit a photo to give it a different feel and the resulting image was one that I could see hanging in some Pottery Barn Catalog picture of a bathroom.

So I was reminded of all of the above and then realized that the wall across from my guest bathroom loo was BARREN and how funny would it be to have goofy images of my kids on that wall, making faces at the person using the terlet.

And this 2×2 grouping of 10×10 white framed black and white images poppped into my head and the notion was born and now I must do it. I have the images. This one especially speaks to me about bathrooms.

There you have it. That’s what I plan to do with these four images.

Note2: Still hate the new wordpress. What I hate MOST is that the image adding window won’t work right in Firefox. I don’t know why and I’m too busy right now to figure it out, so I have to use Internet Explorer and that just sort of rubs me wrong in a zillion different ways. Not that you care. I’m just sharing for no real reason.
Note3: Terlet. John. Lavatory. Loo. Can. Throne. Head. So many synonyms for toilet, so little time. (Note esp. for mom: I left off crapper and shitcan just for YOU. Oh. Whoops. guess I didn’t. It’s so hard to be a lady these days.)

85mm lens | 1/100 @ f/3.2 | ISO 320
pp: defog, crisp color boost, home brew black and white, overlay high pass, crop to square, resize and sharpen for web


7 Responses to “04.05.08”

  1. Heather Munson said

    Girl…you NEVER cease to amaze me! 🙂 This is HILARIOUS….Your guest are going to be afraid to use your bathroom! ha ha

  2. Jenn D said

    I love that idea! Especially this picture here. Too funny to think of someone sitting on the toilet looking at a pic of your dd holding her nose. *S*

  3. kathyp said



  4. Mom said

    you just do that to see if I’m actually looking…. and if I will react….. so no …. I’m not reacting….. (shame on you)

  5. Billy said

    LOVE this idea!! I especially like this pic of the Bug to put in the potty barn.

  6. Cecile said

    brilliant – love it….! and that photo that inspired it all…bwahahaha….

  7. Shannon G said

    WENDY! …seriously so happy that I could inspire you to do such great things! You are too too too funny. Can’t wait to see a photo of this wall!

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