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Posted by rws on April 14, 2008

After the TipToe Through the Tulips

Note: This is NOT really what I was going for. I have this whole idea in my head but she was NOT cooperative and this is the best I could get. She’s hit this point in her stage as a three year old where I want wrap her in saran wrap and then put in a box full of styrofoam peanuts and send her somewhere, anywhere, where I am NOT.
Note2: However, uncooperative subjects lead to interesting outtakes—

And when you finally get so fed up that you can’t stand it anymore, you CHANGE MODELS. This one was much more cooperative.

EXIF for all images:
16-35mm lens @ varying focal lengths | 1/80 @ f/6.3 | ISO 640
pp: varied, but all received Ally’s Barely Vintage

4 Responses to “04.14.08”

  1. Shannon said

    HA HA! I love these! I can totally relate to the three year old thing!

  2. Donita said

    I can SOOOOO relate! I have a “soon to be” 3 y/o.

  3. Cecile said

    Yup – it happens at 3…then your most fave times is gazing at her when she sleeps because she is most angelic then…and it helps remind you of why you are so so in love with her….wait til the mouth happens, but that is left for a later chapter called “9 year olds”!!!!

    I do so love her expression on the third photograph…she is so looking like you, Wendy

  4. Jen Wyeth said

    LOVING those shots!!!! SO stinking cute. Can I steal that idea please?

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