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    I am a 32 year old mother of 2 and professional photographer. I shoot with a Canon 5D unless otherwise noted.
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Posted by rws on May 15, 2008


Note: I often tell my students to be inspired by the light – this is one of those instances…. Katie ran down the hall and I was turned towards her and she hit the light at the corner right there and it was beautiful and she kept on running. So I went and got the camera and came back and bribed her with marshmallows to do some twirls down there at the end of the hall….. She readily agreed. Marshmallows are like GOLD to that kid.

pp: defog, crisp color boost, vintage film 1.0 at low opacity, red vintage at low opacity, resized and sharpened for web


One Response to “05.15.08”

  1. Cecile said

    wow – Katie is getting so big now…Beautiful light as always….and your colour is always so so yummy!!!

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