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Posted by rws on May 17, 2008

They *might* like each other, sort of, for 5 seconds every day

Note: Elijah’s 6th birthday is on Monday and so we took a few minutes today to take some pictures. We also celebrated with cake and ice cream and presents today since Monday is going to be a fairly hectic day.
Note2: My mom and I were talking in pig latin today in order to “avoid detection” by little ears. When I said something was Upid-Stay, Elijah asked what it meant.

“What do YOU think it means, buddy?”

“Ummm…. Birthday?”

“WOW! you’re so SMART! That’s exactly what it means!”

“Hey Katie! Woopid-Stay means ‘birthday’!!”

Happy Woopid-Stay (observed!), Buddy! Looking forward to the REAL day on Monday!

2 Responses to “05.17.08”

  1. Kelley said

    So cute! I want a copy!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

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