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Archive for May 23rd, 2008


Posted by rws on May 23, 2008

Church in Vieux Bourg, St. Prex, Switzerland

The internet, it is an amazing thing. I am blogging to you today from what is 1/3 of the way around the globe from my home state of Arizona. Seriously weird.

Anyway, Fud and I took a walk through the Old Town (vieux bourg) of the small village where she lives in Switzerland. It is more than a little charming down there. I took 63 pictures which Fud seemed to feel was Not Enough. I’m sure I will more than make up for it once the jet lag has completely worn off. It is also my goal that by the end of my week here, Kelley will understand how to run the basics of my camera. Because the teacher in me will not die, even on vacation!
According to some random website found via google, St. Prex was built along the lakefront of Lake Geneva in 1234 by the Archbishop of Lausanne. Seems he wanted to protect the population from Savoyard attacks. I have no idea who the Savoyard are or why they would attack, but build a city to protect from them seems to have happened all the same. So basically, St. Prex was the location of warning to the church in Lusanne. the villagers within the city walls would build a fire to let the smoke signal to the church in Lusanne that an attack was on the way.

What i want to know is how did they build this fire to mean “attack” and not “we’re grilling up a nice side of mutton, come join us. BYOB.”

No matter what, it’s a wonderfully beautiful little town.

edited on Fud’s laptop with PSE 6, so don’t be hatin’ if it looks funky. 🙂
shot taken at night using a post holding up a tree as a “tripod”.


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