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Posted by rws on May 27, 2008

Hot Bath

You do not even know how long I had to wait to get this shot without a people in it. And if you look, you can see that someone in a striped shirt was still in it in the lower left hand corner.

Anyway, this is Pompeii’s Forum Baths — the hot bath room.

Have I ever told you people that I took Latin in High School? While other people were taking useful languages like French and Spanish, I was sitting in Latin with five other people suffering through the WORST teacher ever. Needless to say, I didn’t learn much Latin.

However, I DID learn a lot about Roman culture. And the baths were always a bit of a mystery to me. In my head they were a mixture of turkish bath and harem. So it was really interesting to actually be IN one and see the cold bath and the hot bath and the pool and the warming room.

We spent this day practically FRYING as we walked the streets of Pompeii. And when you think Pompeii, you might think “oh, quaint, tiny little town” but I want to say here and now, there is nothing tiny about Pompeii. We spent three hours there and didn’t see 1/10th of the place, I’m sure. There are 12 acres open to the public. I believe that total there is something like 44 acres excavated with more still to be dug up. Not 100% sure of those facts.

Needless to say, the place is HUGE. And AMAZING. Seriously amazing.

Getting to see Pompeii was one of the main reasons we decided to travel to Naples. Naples is not known for being safe, to put it mildly. But we had limited choices due to weather (we wanted to go somewhere sunny and the rest of Europe was rainy) and airfare choices (we are cheap). As far as a city goes, Naples is DIRTY and kind of SCARY and very LOUD. I’m not sure I’m a big fan of all things Italian. Switzerland is much better. Cleaner. Calmer. More civilized.

I really like Switzerland. And spending time in Italy solidified that. But there is so much to see in Italy that it was definitely worth the visit. I could NEVER ever ever live there, though. I would go completely insane in less than a month.


2 Responses to “05.27.08”

  1. Shannon G said

    Isn’t Pompeii one of the most amazing places on earth! I absolutely loved it there. Did you climb Mt. Vesuvius???

    and yes….living there was interesting 😉

  2. papelle said

    Never been there but in my must-see list. I adore Italy! Thank you for sharing your adventure with us – keep em coming

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