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Archive for May 30th, 2008


Posted by rws on May 30, 2008

This is what Kelley looks like when it’s raining and we’re supposed to be riding bikes but are eating Italian food instead

This is what Kelley looks like when she’s laughing. This is my favorite Kelley face. Her eyes get all squinty and she is really smiling. This is not a fake smile.

This is what Kelley looks like right NOW as she sees all of these pictures of herself on the interwebs. (P.S. be afraid, be very afraid.)

This is how I feel about the “I’m going to kick yer butt” face in the previous shot. (P.S. Neener Neener)

Note: All pictures of Kelley SOOC. Picture of me taken by Kelley and edited for color.
Note2: It was raining HARD and we really were riding bicycles and had to take a two hour break to wait for the rain to pass.
Note3: You can rent bikes to ride in Geneva for FREE for four hours. THAT ROCKS!
Note4: Picture of me taken the previous evening while eating Fondue. Which I supposed makes it the Fish Face Fondue Photo.


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