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Archive for June, 2008


Posted by rws on June 30, 2008

Swinging Toes

Katie on the trapeze bar of the swing set.
I really wish I hadn’t cut off her rear end, but this was one of those one-chance type shots that had to be taken really really quickly, so I’ll take what I got!

16-35mm @ 35mm | 1/250 @ f/3.5 | ISO 200
pp: Erin’s standard color action


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Posted by rws on June 28, 2008

Zakuska on a Chair

16-35mm @ 35mm | 1/200 @ f/3.2 | ISO 320 | Off-camera flash 1/16th power shoot-through umbrella camera left
pp: crisp color boost

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Posted by rws on June 27, 2008

Common Summer Scene


anatomy of the evening’s first jump

1. Goggles on
2. Is Mommy Watching?
3. The Wind Up
4. JUMP!

all shots taken with 85mm lens
first two shots are SOOC
storyboard has crisp color boost

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just a snippet I don’t want to forget

Posted by rws on June 27, 2008

“Mommy, feel my hair. See how soft it is? Miss Allie put air conditioning in it to make it soft.”

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Posted by rws on June 26, 2008

Pretty Light

I love it when my kids just PLAY in the pretty light. I can snap away without having to think too hard or ask them for anything! 🙂

85mm lens | 1/640 @ f/1.8 | ISO 200
pp: defog, crisp color boost, resize and sharpen for web

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Posted by rws on June 25, 2008

My Children Are Different: Exhibit A

Quite a while ago I wrote a little thing about how different my children are from each other.

One is older, the other younger.

One is a peacamaker, the other battles through obstacles with willful indignation.

One is a gentle spirit, the other independent.

One is all logic, the other all emotion.

One is quick to make friends, the other is cautious.

One jumps in feet first without a backward glance, the other dips a toe to test the water.

One assumes that all square pegs must always go in square holes, the other assumes that square pegs were meant to be altered to fit whatever hole is desired.

One is going to be a doctor or lawyer or indian chief, the other is going to be whatever-I-dang-well-please-and-no-one-can-stop-me-thankyouverymuch.

One goes along with the gentle sway of the tide waiting for the right moment to come, the other fights against the ebbs and flows with an unbreakable determination to win a useless battle of the ages.

One is destined for greatness simply because that is what is expected of oneself, the other is destined for greatness because settling for less would be unacceptable.

Both are loved beyond measure.

The above is just visible proof. On the left, Elijah cleaned up the crayons and his colored pencils. On the right, Katie cleaned up the crayons and her pencils.

85mm lens | 1/50 @ f/1.8 | ISO 1250
pp: corrected white balance (it was UGLY), made into diptych, resized and sharpend for web

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Posted by rws on June 24, 2008

HomeLife Details

Favorite scrubber doodad from Ikea
Cup from trip to Switzerland
Cell Phone charging
Ceramabrite – the best stove top cleaner

Scrub Scrub Scrub Scrub

16-35mm lens @ 35mm | 1/60 @ f/2.8 | ISO 800
pp: crisp color boost, Vintage Film Effect v1.0 @ lowered opacity, resized and sharpened for web

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Posted by rws on June 23, 2008

He Draws A Mean Turtle

He has ALWAYS drawn the BEST turtles. One came home from him in preschool and I almost used it for my logo and changed the name of my company to Purple Turtle Photography because that turtle was just SO DANG CUTE.

A family friend’s daughter works at one of those ceramic painting places where you can go and paint whatever you want and they fire it and whatever. And on Thanksgiving she gave Elijah this cute little turtle bank. Which he decided three days later needed to be washed and in the process of drying it, it slipped from his fingers and smashed to the floor. He was beyond devastated. So she made him a new one and we finally worked out getting it to him and he is once again very happy about his turtle bank.

info on both pictures is the same:
85mm lens | 1/60 @ f/3.2 | ISO 400
pp: crisp color boost, resized and put into storyboard and sharpened for web

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Posted by rws on June 22, 2008

CottonCandy Camera Strap

Note: One of my current students makes these AWESOME camera straps. And she can custom make them as well, so I got mine an extra 10″ longer so that the camera doesn’t stick out of my boobs anymore….which is a nice feature…. I am in love with the thing in that I can actually just sling that baby across my body and not have a camera in my armpit either. I HIGHLY recommend them!
check them out in her etsy shop:

85mm lens | 1/60 @ f/2.2 | ISO 800
pp: crisp color boost, resize and sharpen for web

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Posted by rws on June 22, 2008

Sweet Baby R – round two

Otherwise known as “sorry, I didn’t take any pictures today. Maybe I can distract you with adorable newborn babies…..”

For JenW:
16-35mm @ 29mm | 1/200 @ 2.8 | ISO 400
pp: black and white home brew

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