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    I am a 32 year old mother of 2 and professional photographer. I shoot with a Canon 5D unless otherwise noted.
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Posted by rws on June 19, 2008

Stars and Toes Forever

Note: We had a lovely afternoon of swimming today. I’ve been really busy with work all week and we all needed a break, so we spent the afternoon in the pool.
note2: This umbrella was in my mom’s closet where she keeps the pool toys and I saw it and knew I had to have a shot of it in the water…. Surprise mom!


2 Responses to “06.19.08”

  1. Shannon G said

    Swimming sounds nice…as I sit here in my layers, typing with my cold fingers…ugh. Love the texture in the water here.

  2. Why aren’t you posting what lens you used and what you have done to the picture? I like knowing all that info. Come on, lazy!! 🙂

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