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Posted by rws on July 1, 2008

Self-Portrait Tuesday: Lifeguard on Duty, SIR!


Watch it Here

I laugh at it every time.
“There is nothing! to see! HERE!”
“It’s not your time yet!”

16-35mm @ 16mm | 1/200 @ f/3.5 | ISO 400 | Off-Camera flash, bare, bounced off mirror on camera right at 1/16th power
pp: none


11 Responses to “07.01.08”

  1. laura said

    i have no idea what the SNL skit is since i don’t watch it. but this photo is hilarious! such a great shot!

  2. Mom said

    You are completely crazied!!!! The kids have gotten to you. Which padded cell would you like me to send you to? (the kids go with you, you know…….)

  3. Julie said

    ROTFLMBO…this is by far the BEST self portrait ever! How many times did it take you to get it this perfect?

  4. Shelly S. said

    OMG…that was hilarious!! your picture is great…and i love your mom’s comment!! 🙂

  5. Donita said

    LOVE the video – hadn’t seen that one yet. The picture is awesome as always!

  6. kathyp said

    you crack me up! seriously!

  7. Danielle said

    This is HILARIOUS!!!! By far the best yet!

  8. Stacy T said

    love it! especially your kids face! now that cracks me up!

  9. That’s AWESOME!!! Love it! BTW, will you put me on the flash workshop list? I’m really wanting to do it. And you still haven’t told me about Aug’s CE class. Is that because you have bad news for me? 😦

  10. Debbie said

    Oh my gosh! Just watched the video and laughing so hard! My husband thinks I’m nuts. But the funniest part was clicking away from the video and back to your photo! That’s the best photo…

  11. Cecile said

    Way too funny!! love SNL but have not seen that one. Carey is too rich!!!!

    But who would’ve thought of a self portrait to mimic that video? Only Wendy, for sure! love it

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