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Posted by rws on July 22, 2008


I told you when I saw the light yesterday that I was going to do something creepy… I think I might need to start a Creepy Self Portraits category. I don’t know I go creepy on some of them. I can NOT watch creepy movies or read scary books. I don’t try to understand myself. It would take too long to figure me out.


6 Responses to “07.22.08”

  1. Julie said

    yep, that’s kinda scary! Way to work your light, it is a very interesting shot 🙂

  2. jenn said

    I was hoping if I came back I would see the creepy shot…very creepy. So what’s with all those half moon images on the grass?? What are they in real life??
    Would have been super cool if we could have seen your eyeball through a crack in the gate. tee hee

  3. kelley said

    Seriously Freaky. I’m not coming to your house anymore. 🙂

  4. Stacy T said

    yeah – i knew i shouldn’t have come back. but i did and now i’m leaving the woods and going back to NYC where i can turn my alarm on. thanks – thanks a lot! hehe

  5. Cecile said

    yup – kinda scarey.. THE HAND!!!!! sequel to THE RING!!!!

  6. Cecile said

    “eyeball through a crack in the gate.”

    JENN!!! you add fuel to the fire with that comment…hehehe

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