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Posted by rws on July 28, 2008

First Day of First Grade

I think he’s excited? Maybe? Just a little bit?

(oh. wow. that’s big. LOL — once again, I seem to have screwed up my resize action. Hate it when that happens!)


4 Responses to “07.28.08”

  1. Donna said

    Great picture! Wow, you start school early. We don’t start until after Labor Day!

  2. rws said

    We do start early! They are on a modified year-round schedule so they get about 6 weeks off for summer and then 2 weeks off between quarters. I LOVE IT. Summer is JUST the right length and we can take vacations during the year instead of during the summer when most people are in school, not to mention around here, fall and spring are the BEST months for just hanging out and so we can do a lot of fun stuff outside during those times.

  3. papelle said

    wish we had that in the bay area. year round schedule …just like vegas….seems you could get really creative with longer holidays that are off the summer months.

    Yup! He’s excited alright!

  4. Ah first grade. I remember first grade. Learning left and right, making boats out of tin foil and sinking them, growing bean plants… so much FUN!

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