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    I am a 32 year old mother of 2 and professional photographer. I shoot with a Canon 5D unless otherwise noted.
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Posted by rws on July 29, 2008

Self-Portrait Tuesday: Look What Came in the Mail

My Blurb book of the entire blog from last year. It’s so fun to see all of the images and the text that went with them IN PRINT. Love that! And the book is very well made. I love love love it!


8 Responses to “07.29.08”

  1. Simran said

    Love your work and I wish I could attend your classes!

  2. Jenn D said

    Okay, that’s cool. You’re making me want to do one of those.

  3. elizabeth said

    looks awesome!
    how was the color? I know how you like your color just so…
    I am about 20 pages into laying mine out. I just need to get ‘er done!


  4. I have been working on doing something like that for my pictures this year, but to have one for every picture makes for a BIG book. Did you really do all the pictures?

  5. Donna said

    That looks so cool. BTW, I LOVE that pix in the laundromat!

  6. laura said

    how exciting! i have done 2 years of my blog in 2 seperate books … and i LOVE them!

  7. Cecile said

    I have been working on mine as well…after slurping it up, how long did it take you to re-arrange the auto-fill…or did you manually fill the pages?

    It looks beautiful and there is something to be said about having the whole thing on print….what a legacy for the kids!!!!

  8. Kara said

    Hello! I am so excited to have found your blog! I love your work! I am a beginning photographer, and have my first “real” shoot in a few weeks. I am SUPER excited, but a littler nervous. My client has requested an album of some kind for her sons Bar Mitzvah, so I have been searching for the best company/program to use as a beginner. Would you recommend blurb? I searched their web site and am pleased with what I saw in comparison to some other options out there, and the price is very close to what I was looking for. I would love to get some feedback! Thanks so much!

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