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09.05.08 – Featured Student

Posted by rws on September 5, 2008

I have been TERRIBLY REMISS in posting this. I told Barbara I would post it like TWO MONTHS ago and then I just sort of dropped that ball and it rolled under the couch and yesterday I was looking for a library book and WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT??? There was that ball I’d dropped oh, lo, those many years ago.


Summer Sprinkler by Barbara Johnson

When Barbara turned this shot in for assignment 6, I gasped out loud. Not only did I just LOVE the moment she had captured, it showed so clearly everything that she had learned. I flashed back to what she turned in for assignment 1 and I knew then that I had made a lasting impact on Barbara’s photography.

I LOVE my job. I DO. I LOVE teaching people how to capture moments, how to make the light work for them, how to be better — visibly better — photographers. And this image reminded me of just exactly WHY I love this job so much.

Thank you for sharing 12 weeks of your life with me, Barbara. You were a JOY to have in class and I am so proud of being able to post this image here on my blog.

Barbara doesn’t yet have a blog or anything for you to enjoy more of her work on. Feel free to bug her in the comments about that. She’s an awesome person and I would LOVE to be able to keep up with her life and her photography.


3 Responses to “09.05.08 – Featured Student”

  1. Debbie Lee said

    Yea Barbara!!! I’m so proud of her for this! What a beautiful and fun capture. Truly truly a great way to have ended the class. Congrats Barbara!

  2. Kari Bates said

    Yay Barbara! How do you not have a blog yet? Congrats on being “featured” – you deserve it!

  3. Mark said

    Yes ..thats a special shot.Well done both of you.

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