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Posted by rws on September 6, 2008

Only in Oak Creek

Today we drove up to Oak Creek Canyon and I let the kids just play and play in the water. I must have sat there next to the babbling creek in the shade of the tall carved canyon walls for three hours while they played pirates and mermaids and cooked up mudpies and threw in the biggest rocks they could find and all of the other things kids do when they get a chance to just play in the water.

It was a perfect end of summer day up there. The water was cold, but not TOO cold. The air was warm, but not TOO warm.

And it is rare that my kids get along for that much time. But they did. And it was lovely. This was towards the end of the afternoon. Katie was scared to cross the deepest part of the creek by herself, and would ask for help from Elijah every time. He would stop what he was doing and trot right on over and take her hand and walk her across the creek.

I KNOW! I feel the same way. All verklempt or something.

85mm lens | 1/200 @ f/4.5 | ISO 200
pp: crisp color boost, Vintage Film v1.0 fallout75 from, resize and sharpened for web


2 Responses to “09.06.08”

  1. reetah said

    SOOO great to see you guys! I wish I could’ve come too, but alas…life calls. Thanks for swinging by Flag!

  2. Stacy T said

    that’s a beautiful shot. i love how they are reflected off the water but not really.

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