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Posted by rws on September 30, 2008



Image for today is a self portrait, because…. it’s Tuesday. And that’s what we do here on Tuesday.

On the drive home from bell choir practice on Sunday, Def Leppard was playing on the radio and I was thinking about it took me forever to understand what the lyrics were to this song. And then once I DID understand I thought maybe I wasn’t old enough to be listening and that the song should probably come with some sort of parental advisory.

At any rate, an image popped into my head and I just KNEW I had to try to capture it. and I LOVE how it turned out.

However, if you are my mom, you might not love how it turned it and you might sort of think it is inappropriate for standard viewing by family and friends. Nothing shows. PROMISE. It’s not even really that suggestive. But if you are my mom, you might think maybe… see? So. if you are my mom or you are like my mom (or you are my uncle, in which case my mom doesn’t want to know that you saw this image) then you might not want to click on the “more” link below. Everyone else, enjoy.

Pour Some Sugar On Me

… the name of love….

16-35mm @ 35mm | 1/200 @ f/2.8 | ISO 400 | Vivitar at 1/16th shoot through umbrella camera left (way left!)
pp: Black and White Home Brew, 300 effect at low opacity, cropped to protect the innocent (which would not be ME, btw)


8 Responses to “09.30.08”

  1. N.A.T said

    Simply Fabulous!

  2. Michele said

    Holy crap! You SHOULD be loving that! What great photography, incredible vision/creativity, and what a fabulous bod! Too bad I have Rob. LOL. Green with envy! 😀

  3. erin said

    SO FAB!

  4. Kristin said

    If my stomach was that flat I would totally copy this shot.

  5. It’s obvious you don’t eat sugar, I guess this is putting it to good use!

    You are so HAWT! Great shot 🙂

  6. Alissa said

    Holy crap. You did NOT have two babies with a tummy like that.

  7. Kelly said

    completely cool!

  8. Ummm… ok, your boob looks AWESOME!!!! Seriously! 🙂 But also, it’s an amazing shot. We MUST talk about this light. I love it. I think I’ll post this on the forum and we can all discuss this awesome light.

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