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Posted by rws on October 8, 2008

Skeletons Because Our Mom is a NERD

The kids are home on fall/winter break (year-round modified school means we get two weeks off about this time of year). In an effort to keep them entertained and me semi-sane, we pulled out the butcher paper (read: went and bought some) and traced the kids. Drew in the bones in the appropriate places and even correctly named them. Then cut them out and hooked them together with brass brads. It’s not a fabulous picture technical/artistic wise, but I hope it helps them to remember the goofy and completely dorktastic things their mom made them do.

Why do I think phalanges is such a fun word to say??


One Response to “10.08.08”

  1. missie said

    I *LOVE* phalanges!!! And since we have TWO different set, we get to say PHALANGES twice!! WOO HOO! 🙂

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