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Archive for the ‘Captured Moments’ Category


Posted by rws on October 20, 2009


Sometimes It’s Better to Just Not Ask

I know. I’m woefully behind.

In my defense I might have left my camera battery charger behind and therefor had a dead camera until my charger arrived in the mail yesterday.

so tonight, the camera went with me to football practice.

I asked her to just stand still so I could take a picture, please. And she stood still. And made this face. and I was laughing so hard that my composition sucked. ha. But still.

I dare you to say you did NOT laugh when you looked at that. 🙂


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Posted by rws on October 9, 2009


Hard at Work at the Flash Photography Workshop

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Posted by rws on October 7, 2009


Huddle Up

Flag Football Season has begun and Elijah is having way too much fun.

I might be having a little too much fun with the light at football practice. I have way too many pictures that I only took because I liked the light. The life of a photographer.

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Posted by rws on October 5, 2009


He’s Got Character

We enjoyed a lovely lunch with Andrea at Sweet Tomatoes today.

He was cracking us all up with his cross-eyed no-face faces. goofball.

And yes, this moment is out of focus. I kind of like it that way. 🙂

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Posted by rws on October 3, 2009



Playing outside on a lovely fall day here in the desert. This is why I love this area. It’s October and we’re moving outside to play. Something we’ll be able to do until some in the middle of next May. You can’t beat living in a place where you can be outside 9 months of the year while everyone else is buried under 4 feet of ice cold snow.

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Posted by rws on October 1, 2009


Chatter Box

This picture was taken while she was telling me how her mom works as both and ear-piercer and a a special dentist who puts on braces and how amazing a job that was and how Katie was so lucky to have a mom with such a fun job and how soon she, Katie, would have her own pierced ears and her own braces and her mom would put them on her and that would be just the most awesome thing ever!


I guess a mom who is a photographer just isn’t all that cool with her.

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Posted by rws on December 1, 2008


Visual Triangle

One for my students…. see the triangle? 😉 Funny how the subject isn’t part of the triangle. Funny how the subject is dead center in the frame. Huh. It’s a MYSTERY.

I love it when my kids play in light that inspires me.

85mm lens | 1/125 @ f/1.8 | ISO 200
pp: erin’s standard color pop

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Posted by rws on November 30, 2008



Yet another reason why taking November off was probably a good idea. My subjects have gotten a little annoyed with me. This is the Death Stare. Picture this about 8 years from now when he’s 14 and then feel pity for me.

85mm lens | 1/200 @ f/3.2 | ISO 200
pp: crisp color boost

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Posted by rws on November 29, 2008


hi there.

yes. so it seems I took a break for November? It wasn’t planned. But photography is like that. You get in a funk. So. I’m going to pick it up from here and see how it goes for December. Deal?



The tree has been up for a total of 2 hours. They have already staked a claim.

For the record, I would have LIKED for them both to be in focus, but that wasn’t happening without a flash and I was too lazy.

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Posted by rws on November 1, 2008


Something About a Grown Man Laughing Like an 8 year Old Boy is So Fun

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