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Posted by rws on October 6, 2009


Self-Portrait Tuesday: Boring Bathroom Picture Edition

Some people are saying they have forgotten what I look like.

See? Haven’t changed. Still look the same. Still smirky, too. Fantabulous!


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Posted by rws on December 10, 2008


Self-Portrait Tuesday (on Wednesday!): Window to the Soul

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Posted by rws on December 2, 2008


Self-Portrait Tuesday: Fascinations Edition

I took an art history class as a liberal way back in the college days. It was an okay class, nothing spectacular. I remember two things very clearly.
1. chiaroscuro: italian for light/dark and has to do with the interplay of contrast in art
2. The Swing by Fragonard in which a young married woman is swining in the garden of her estate with her non-husband-type lover laying in the bushes below her… back in the days when women didn’t actually wear undergarments. Such a scandal! I have the painting in my house in various forms in multiple places. The light, the colors, the softness and yet bold feel, how billowy and sweet her dress and expression are and yet the underlying theme is that of something completely salacious. It was my artistic way of saying "I’m a rebel" during days when I felt semi-hemmed in by religious structure — without anyone understanding exactly how in your face the rebellion of it all was.

How very deep.

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Posted by rws on November 4, 2008


Self-Portrait Tuesday: I Voted Edition

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Posted by rws on October 27, 2008



My grandmother was born in Finland. Her family sailed across the Atlantic to the United States when she was 3. From there, they traveled across the country to live in a tight-knit Finnish Community in Washington State just outside of Vancouver.

I asked her a few years ago if we could sit down and talk about everything she remembers from growing up. I now have 5 letters, all handwritten by her, complete with hand-drawn maps, of everyone and everything she remembers. They are a treasure to me. I know if I hadn’t asked for her to write them down, the information would be forever lost when she passes away.

She is an amazing and strong woman, one whom I admire greatly. During WWII, when women were needed to take up the jobs the men had left behind, my grandmother flew P-38 Lightnings back and forth across the country so they would be on the correct coast when needed by the soldiers.

She met my grandfather at a church dance. At least that’s what SHE says. He says he noticed her one day joyriding with a bunch of girls from his town as they drove down the main street in a convertible they “borrowed”. She says she would NEVER do anything like that. And then grins like she’s back in that car again.

She raised 5 children. She has traveled up and down the entire coasts of Central America – with this gift to befriend anyone. She talked to guerilla soldiers in the jungle, transvestites and drag queens outside a club, the owners of a small fruit stand – learning the life stories of them all and remembering the details so she can share them others.

I have her eyes. They were a gift passed down to me through my father, and which I have given to my own daughter. I only hope that I have her spunk when I am coming around the bend towards the end of my days. That I have the strength of character that she posses.

I am exceptionally proud to be her granddaughter.

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Posted by rws on October 24, 2008


Falling into 31

I’ve gotten really far behind on posting. I’ve been TAKING the pictures, just haven’t had time to resize and post them. I’m going to try to catch up over the next few days! So keep your eyes peeled!

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Posted by rws on October 21, 2008

My roommate says, “I’m going to take a shower and shave, does anyone need to use the bathroom?” It’s like some weird quiz where he reveals the answer first.
Mitch Hedberg

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Posted by rws on October 14, 2008

Self-Portrait Tuesday: CAUGHT!

Ever try to eat ice cream with two small children in the house and not have to share? You’d try anything, too. It was worth it. I got 3 1/2 bites all to myself.

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Posted by rws on October 9, 2008

Sing myself awake Watch the branches break

Completely inspired by an image I saw today of leaves floating down a stream of water. Makes me miss living somewhere that actually HAS seasons. Rita, I may be coming your way VERY SOON. Get the guest room ready. 😉

So shake the leaves, off the trees,
Watch them float down the stream
Throw me a dream please, it’s been a dreamless sleep
For such a long time, such a long time
Sing myself awake
Watch the branches break
No one could ever take your place

-Seabear, I sing I swim
Listen to it Here

LOVE that song. Have from the first moment I heard it. And the leaves floating down the stream made the song come so clearly to my head I knew I had to work it into my 365 today.

ALSO — this is yet ANOTHER reason for someone to claim that last spot in the Flash workshop. I took this image at 1pm today in my backyard, full sun, not a could in the sky.

And, lastly, I am SO TIRED of taking pictures of my kids I have resorted to taking pictures of myself. haha.

16-35mm @ 23mm | 1/200 @ f/5.6 | ISO 50 | vivtar 285 off camera, shoot through umbrella, camera left, ambient 1 1/3 stops below flash exposure, 1/2 CTO to make the sky appear bluer
pp: Pioneer Woman’s Lovely and Ethereal on a lowered opacity, quick edge burn

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Posted by rws on October 7, 2008

We’re All in This Together

For a while there, Coke was using some really great songs in their ad campaigns. One of my favorites was this ad:

The message of the song really seems to apply to where things are at with the economy and the country in general and the upcoming vote and all of that stuff that I usually try not to think about until I’m forced to.

woke up this morning
i suddenly realized
we’re all in this together
i started smiling
cos you were smiling
and we’re all in this together
i’m made of atoms
you’re made of atoms
and we’re all in this together
and long division
just doesn’t matter
cos we’re all in this together

i saw you walking
in the city
we’re all in this together
the city’s changing
cos we are changing
and we’re all in this together
every twelve seconds
someone remembers
that w’ere all in this together
in the kitchen
of your rent-control apartment
we’re all in this together

c’mon baby
i don’t mean to rush you
i only wanted to reach out and touch you
ive gotta start to open my heart

i know you think
about jumping ship before it sinks
but we’re all in this together
ask a scientist
it’s quantum physics
we’re all in this together
and on the subway
we feel like strangers
but we’re all in this together
yeah i love you and you love her
and she loves him
but we’re all in this together

i saw you crying
i started crying
cos we’re all in this together

its a big decision
but we’re all in this together

were all in this together

-ben lee, we’re all in this together

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