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Posted by rws on October 5, 2009


Yeah, That’s the Bee Man

The story goes like this.

On Saturday afternoon, we were all hanging out in the backyard, when Katie chased out new kitten up one of the big trees. The kitten, who’s claws I had just trimmed the day before, go stuck up in the tree and was too scared to climb back down. I told the kids she’d come down eventually to where I could reach her and we’d just wait for that to happen. But then Katie, watching where the kitten is climbing up in the tree, points and says, “what’s that, mommy?”

“That” was a large swarm of bees. I did not get a picture of the large swarm of bees, but it looked a lot like this:

yeah. so.

The kitten is headed right up the branch towards the big swarm of bees. The kids (and I) are freaking out. So I send the kids inside, find the extension ladder and get the kitten out of the tree.

Then asked google who to call. As always, google was very informative.

So this morning, the bee man showed up, put our ladder in a different place, climbed up the tree, and moved the bees to a box which he then stuck in his car and drove off with.

These are the exciting things that happen to me.


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Posted by rws on October 3, 2009



Playing outside on a lovely fall day here in the desert. This is why I love this area. It’s October and we’re moving outside to play. Something we’ll be able to do until some in the middle of next May. You can’t beat living in a place where you can be outside 9 months of the year while everyone else is buried under 4 feet of ice cold snow.

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Posted by rws on October 3, 2009


They’re Coming! Quick! HIDE!

Zigzag (Ziggie), playing outside.

She’s a little worried here about E-dub who is throwing a ball up in the air and then catching it.

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Posted by rws on October 1, 2009


Chatter Box

This picture was taken while she was telling me how her mom works as both and ear-piercer and a a special dentist who puts on braces and how amazing a job that was and how Katie was so lucky to have a mom with such a fun job and how soon she, Katie, would have her own pierced ears and her own braces and her mom would put them on her and that would be just the most awesome thing ever!


I guess a mom who is a photographer just isn’t all that cool with her.

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Aaaaannnndddd….here we go again.

Posted by rws on October 1, 2009

I’m going to try and give this a go again. My goal for RIGHT NOW is one picture a day for all of October 2009.

Should be a fun month!

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Posted by rws on May 1, 2009


May Day Ice Cream Cones

once again, pay no attention to the things I tell my students NOT to do but that I then go and do. ha.

do as I say, not as I do??

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Posted by rws on April 29, 2009


New Duds

I did SO many things in this image that I tell my students NOT to do — ha. sorry kids.

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Posted by rws on April 28, 2009



very light processing via Adobe Camera Raw

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Posted by rws on April 27, 2009


Summer is Coming Part II

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Posted by rws on April 27, 2009


Summer is Coming

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